“Every light has a different character, the navigator picks up this character and looks at the chart and says ‘ I know where I am now’”

John Cook, Tasmania’s last Lighthouse keeper

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Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Cape Bruny Lighthouse is the only Southern Tasmanian lighthouse open for inspection.
The heritage listed 1836 Bruny Lighthouse towers 114m over dramatic cliff tops and coves that form the rugged Tasmanian coastline of Cape Bruny.
John Lee Archer, the famous architect that designed many well-known structures around the world was well ahead of his time and the iconic lighthouse he designed still stands proud today.

Cape Bruny Lighthouse Tour

$15 Self drive

Be enlightened by Bruny Islands’ most iconic landmark, the southernmost Lighthouse Tour in Australia..

Sunset Lighthouse Tour

$45, Bookings Essential

Experience spectacular sunsets and stargazing from the highest point of rugged Cape Bruny. Delve into the history and life as a lighthouse keeper as the sun sets over the South West Wilderness.

“You’d sit there in the tower, on some of those nights, it was eerie those nights, a mass of white sheet and sleet and that, it’s hard to explain – as you look into the storm, but it’s just like looking into a firestorm, just roaring at you as it hits the tower”

John Cook, Tasmania’s last Lighthouse keeper

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